Green Dot Tennessee Students Are Graduating ready for College, Leadership and Life

“I’m going to college. It wasn’t [always] a thing that was on my mind. When Green Dot came, they really stressed it. College, leadership and life. They put it in my mind that if you want to be successful, you have to go to college," says Jeramiah, a student at Fairley High School.

It’s all about the students at Green Dot Public Schools, and our Tennessee students are thriving. Test scores are up, growth rates are soaring, and Green Dot students are nearly four times as likely to graduate from high school as their peers who attend other schools in similar neighborhoods. We’re so inspired by our students and their achievements, inside the classroom and out.

Start your student on the path to success! Green Dot is enrolling students for all four of its Tennessee schools; Fairley High School, Hillcrest High School, Wooddale Middle School, and Kirby Middle School.

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