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From Solar Systems to Lebron James’s Plays–How Computational Thinking is Transforming the Classroom Experience

January 18, 2018

Analyzing LeBron James’s plays from the 2015 NBA finals. Designing Greek monuments. Creating a solar system. Simulating the era of colonialism in Africa. Plotting earthquakes on a world map. Believe it or not, these are just a handful of carefully crafted lesson plans aimed at helping Green Dot Public Schools’ students in Washington build their computational thinking skills.


Kirby Students Reap the “Fruit” of Their Labor in First School Garden

January 9, 2018

In November, Kirby Middle School celebrated their first fall harvest with fresh vegetables from their on-campus Learning Garden. Built right on the school’s campus, the garden is a new way for students to learn about science and healthy foods.

clean communities

ForwardLA: Green Dot Parents Demand Clean Communities and Breathable Air

January 5, 2018

No matter how hard we work to give our students the tools they need to succeed inside school walls, we cannot have the lifelong impact students need without advocating alongside our community for healthy, clean neighborhood streets.


Brand New Teachers Reflect on First Semester in the Classroom

January 2, 2018

With the end of the first semester under our belt, we checked in with some of our teachers from this year’s Adelante cohort to reflect on their time in the classroom so far.


Green Dot Students Turn English Lessons into Modern Dance

December 20, 2017

The Heidi Duckler Dance Theater recently concluded a six-week residency program at Ánimo Jefferson Charter Middle School, where students learned how to interpret subject matter from their English class into contemporary dance. This November, students showcased their hard work in a recital for family and friends.


ForwardLA: Access to Healthy Food is More Than a School Lunch Issue

December 18, 2017

It’s hard to focus or learn without proper nourishment and sustained meals–this is true for adults and students alike. It’s why conversations around serving healthy breakfasts and lunches, as well as decreasing the burden of providing quality nutrition are buzzing across the world of education.


How School Spirit Affects Community Spirit

December 8, 2017

UPAS Community Engagement Coordinator Samantha Levra shares about the Ánimo Watts Charter High School Fall Carnival, and how school spirit affects community spirit.


Photo Essay: Green Dot Parents Rally for a Better Future at ForwardLA

December 6, 2017

On December 2, over 1,000 parents and community leaders gathered to advocate for change around six major issues facing their communities.


United Parents and Students Celebrates a Successful Summit Focused on Creating Positive Change Across Los Angeles

December 5, 2017

On Saturday, December 2, United Parents and Students (UPAS), in conjunction with Green Dot Public Schools and an array of other organizations, hosted thousands of local parents, students, and community members at the fourth ForwardLA summit—an event intended to create an action-oriented space where the community can come together to address key issues that deeply affect local families and students.


ForwardLA: How Green Dot Parents are Taking Action in LA’s Affordable Housing Crisis

December 4, 2017

For all parents and families, helping their children succeed in school means providing support and stability in housing. Unfortunately, economic conditions in Los Angeles have made this more difficult for parents to do, as the city continues to face a dire affordable housing crisis.


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