15th Annual College & Career Conference Goes Virtual

For the past 15 years, Launch to College has served as a rite of passage for Green Dot seniors across Los Angeles. The annual tradition was founded to create a space for Green Dot seniors across the network to come together and prepare for their transition into the next phase of their lives. This year Green Dot Public Schools California, partnered with international non-profit organization Dweebs Global, and Cross Country Education to host the virtual event. This year, students participated in sessions ranging from career development to guidance on their transition to college or the military. Speakers included Green Dot alumni, Dweebs Global’s Career Mentors, and college and community partners.

We are thrilled to partner with Green Dot to make this event happen,” says Janani Mohan, Executive Director of Dweebs Global. “This year, more than ever, students need guidance for their emotional, financial, college, and career paths. It is our pleasure to work with Green Dot in providing this for their seniors.”

Cross Country Education generously provided the platform for the virtual event allowing students to access this special transition amid the pandemic. “This event is really meaningful for our seniors,” says Theresa Asuncion, College & Career Success Coordinator at Green Dot. “Just before graduation, our seniors get another opportunity to learn skills, ask questions, and even meet mentors from local community leaders. We are very grateful to our partners and volunteers who make this event possible.”

Too often in underserved communities students' reservoir of latent potential goes untapped. Our mission is to transform public education and ensure that a student’s zip code isn’t a barrier to their success.

But we can’t do this work alone. Partnering with organizations like Dweebs Global and Cross Country Education helps us provide all students with extraordinary opportunities that equip them with the tools, knowledge, and skills to overcome challenges and achieve success in college, leadership, and life.