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We are celebrating 20 years of changing the odds for students with short films of 20 of our graduates. Their stories are powerful reminders of the limitless potential of every Green Dot student - just a few of the 19,000+ stories of each of our graduates. We are excited to introduce you to Green Dot alumni, so you can share in their journeys - the challenges and the triumphs. 

We all have mountains to climb in our lifetime, and we will rarely, if ever, summit them alone. Green Dot is playing a critical role in transforming the public education system to ensure that every student can attend a great school and realize their dreams. Nothing is insurmountable when we climb together. We will go further and faster and the view from the top will be better for being shared. 

We are growing our community of support with a goal of 500 fellow climbers. Reserve your spot at the summit with a gift of any size.


Amplify your impact by starting a fundraising team or sharing on social media! If you share on social media, please use the hashtag #SummitWithGreenDot and let us know who inspires you to keep climbing!