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Editor’s note: This weekly news report aims to highlight the most meaningful news and views (perspectives) in K-12 public education each week. Please contact with any questions.

Of note: Animo City of Champions’ return to campus was featured on ABC 7, watch and read the story here.


  • The Senate approved the newest Covid-19 relief bill, The American Rescue Plan, and it now heads back to the House and then to President Biden to be signed into law. It would include $125B for K-12 public education, including full E-Rate funding. (NPRNBCWashington PostCBSVox)
  • Covid-19 vaccinations are reaching teachers across the country, creating more pathways for school reopenings:



  • AFT & NEA: Learning Beyond Covid-19, A Vision for Thriving in Public Education

  • Forbes (Peter Greene, K-12 reporter): Vouchers May Be The Next Big Education Reform. Have Charter Schools Been Left Behind?

  • Politico (Michael Strahan, K-12 reporter): Democrats split over Biden plan for academic testing during pandemic

  • Washington Post (team of WaPo reporters): ‘An essential service’: Inside Biden’s struggle to meet his school reopening promises