A Special Note to Counselors Near and Far

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All 19 middle and high schools across our network are joining the American School Counselor Association in celebrating National School Counseling Week during the week of February 7. This year’s theme is School Counseling: Better Together. Our School counselors are at the core of our work in transforming public education for all students. They are the backbone of our school’s robust social and emotional support systems as they build safe spaces for our students to express themselves.

This year’s theme speaks to the importance of counselors at our schools, as we have returned to in-person instruction. To all of our counselors: Thank you for helping our students feel seen, heard and valued and for supporting them as they explore their interests and realize their talents. 

As we continue navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, our counselors are a vital support for our students. In celebration of their hard work, we’re sharing some of our favorite stories that highlight their diligence and commitment in education.


Senior Bridge Prepares Rising Locke Seniors for College Applications

Rising senior Jacqueline Torres felt this college-ready program provided her with a leg up in the college application process. Torres’ academic counselor encouraged her to shoot toward the stars during her college application process.

Florence-Firestone Technology

An Inside Look at Distance Learning at Ánimo Florence-Firestone

Our Green Dot counselors are inspiring. They’ve shown our students, families, and staff the importance of rigor and how it’s never too early to prepare for college.

How This Valedictorian Learned Computer Programming Before College

How This Valedictorian Learned Computer Programming Before College

For Jenny Mendez, Ánimo Venice served as a launchpad for success. Her decision to pursue a career in STEM stemmed from a counselor who recognized Mendez’s impressive talent for mathematics, and innate tenacity.

How This Student Jumped Math Levels

How This Student Jumped Math Levels

Nearly four years ago, when Keiry Valle began attending Alain LeRoy Locke College Preparatory Academy, she was struggling academically. Now in her senior year, she’s top of her class, applying to top tier universities, and is set to become the first person in her family to attend college