Ánimo City of Champions Juniors Learn Real Estate at School


College courses in high school put students on track to succeed in college, leadership, and life. This past semester, Ánimo City of Champions Charter High School offered its first real estate course to juniors. Through this course, students get their first glimpse of college courses, not only having a chance to receive certification but to create a seamless pathway to college. 

“Right now, we're offering to help students transition [to college]," Ánimo City of Champions counselor Tyler William said, reflecting on the school’s decision to offer a new dual-enrollment real estate course to students who've previously taken philosophy and political Science college courses. 

Students such as Lanayha Holston find the course beneficial as they can culminate their hard work in the class through a certification. Houston also enjoyed the small class sizes and learning the fundamentals of real estate.

Through dual enrollment at Ánimo City of Champions, students can take the offered real estate course in person and after school with a West Los Angeles College professor. The course spans four academic semesters, with classes twice a week. Juniors enrolled in this course can take different classes each semester until the end of their senior year.

Williams said that Ánimo City of Champions covers tuition costs for students taking the course, and students are not responsible for additional costs, such as books, supplies, and fees. 


Ánimo City of Champions Junior Troy Fletcher has enjoyed thinking about how he can apply the principles of the real estate course outside of the classroom. "I feel like if the time comes and I learn a lot from this course, I would like to get a job and have a career in real estate and make a living from it," he said. 


College preparation is crucial to success at Ánimo City of Champions. According to the U.S. Department of Education, dual enrollment positively affects students' college attendance, retention, and overall general academic success. 

These students are getting a jump start on what is possible in college and getting an outlook on future careers. 

Green Dot Public Schools California is committed to preparing our students for college, leadership, and life. We do this by working alongside counselors, teachers, and institutions to help students develop a college-going identity with confidence in their ability to enroll and succeed.