Announcing The Learning Curve: News and Views from Green Dot Leaders

learning curve

Green Dot Public Schools is excited to announce The Learning Curve, a platform for sharing reflections and ideas on public education from Green Dot leaders. The Learning Curve is our opportunity to share insights and lessons learned as we pursue our mission to help transform public education so all students graduate prepared for college, leadership and life.

We launch this week with some exciting content:

  • Megan Quaile, Green Dot’s Chief Growth Officer and the Executive Director of Green Dot Tennessee, breaks down the five key elements to transforming a school.
    • “A high-quality public school gives a student performing two grade levels behind the same attention and resources that they need to succeed as a student performing at their own grade level. This is educational equity. This is what makes a school high-quality.” Read More >>


  • Cristina De Jesus, President and Chief Executive Officer of Green Dot California, debuted a piece on the mistakes we make and how they help us become better educators.
    • “When we walked into Locke, we were coming from a fantasy world of 400-student waiting lists, the breathing room to create our own culture, and the assumption that our model was ready to take on the challenges waiting for us at Locke. We underestimated on every level the social-emotional needs, the degree to which students would be behind, and the effects of neighborhood trauma on our students.” Read More >>


  • Bree Dusseault, Executive Director of Green Dot Washington, makes a case for why we need to double down on investing more in special education.
    • “We cannot and should not allow educational systems to hold students with special needs to a different, lower standard; rather we should hold ourselves responsible to finding the educational solutions necessary to ensure all students meet the same expectations of educational attainment.” Read More >>


We hope this becomes a space to foster sharing of ideas, healthy debate, and inspiration. We want to share our policy positions, industry-leading insights, and the values we hold dear as we continue our work to bring quality public education to all students. The more we learn from each other as educators, the better chance we have at bringing even more high quality education opportunities to our communities.