Bluff City High School Celebrates First Graduating Class

This spring, Bluff City High School in Memphis, celebrated our first graduating class. This event signified the ending of a special era and the beginning of a new adventure. “To be a part of Bluff City’s first graduating class is such an honor,” said Darryl Buchanan, newly minted Bluff City alumnus.

The tight-knit school community safely came together to reflect on the past four years and recognize the significant achievements. “We started off with seven teachers, so for us to be a startup school and to come to this day where we see our first graduating class is awesome,” said Shea Lewis, founding teacher at Bluff City.

Bluff City was founded to provide families in Southeast Memphis with a high-quality public school option. For the last four years, the high school has prepared students for college, leadership, and life by leading a small, rigorous, and supportive college-preparatory learning environment that supports all students to success, regardless of where they are coming from.

“My goal is for us to be one of the top high schools, not only in Tennessee, but nationwide. That's what we're working towards, because these kids put in the work and they are so important to us,” said Lameika Pegues, Bluff City principal.

We are proud of Bluff City’s inaugural class of 2021, they have created a legacy and paved the way for the many classes to come. We can’t wait to see the multitude of ways in which they’ll change the world for the better.