Bluff City High School Valedictorian Encouraged by Dear Green Dot Graduate Campaign


Only one student at a school gets to be valedictorian. It is a recognition of not only extraordinary academic effort, but also leadership. Jordan is the 2022 valedictorian at Green Dot’s Bluff City High School. As you will read in his statement below, he recognizes from the pinnacle of high school achievement that he is now heading off into unknown territory again where he will have to recreate success in college and beyond. Read Jordan's letter and join our Dear Green Dot Grad campaign to offer words of encouragement to Jordan and his classmates as they embark on their new endeavors!

Promoting Our Graduates

"It has been a long journey to get where I am today as a Valedictorian of Bluff City High School. Last year it was a big adjustment getting used to in-person learning after a year of online learning. I had to get used to the new school arrival time, balance school work with online work, and deal with wearing a mask while trying my best not to get COVID-19. Although 12th grade had a rocky start, I persevered by doing my absolute best in order to graduate with excellent grades from all classes. I must admit that there were times I almost gave up. I experienced the loss of a loved one and almost lost motivation to go any further. Through that loss though, I gained a new motivation to make sure I graduated, not only for my family, but for myself as well. I wanted to show others how much hard work can pay off.

That is why I am so excited to hear that I'll be receiving letters of encouragement from community members. These letters remind me that I have so many people and sources of support, that I can't give up on going to college and achieving my dreams. One of those dreams is to be a cardiothoracic surgeon. After graduating high school, the next step for me is to go to college and major in biomedical sciences and then to go to medical school. I find the greatest pleasure and sense of accomplishment in helping others and feel that that is my duty in life. I sincerely hope I'll be able to see my dreams come true and that others will be able to have their dreams come true as well. My message to everyone is to dream big and live bigger. I wish my fellow classmates, seniors and graduates good luck in school and beyond."

Write A Letter to a Green Dot Grad

Click here to write your own notes of encouragement to Jordan and his classmates! It is a small act with big returns. If you have social media, we encourage you to post a picture of your letters. Tag @greendotschools and use the hashtag #deargreendotgrad to let others know that you support Green Dot graduates and they can too! The note is what counts, but if you are moved to make a financial gift in support of the campaign, a gift of any size will directly support college persistence programs that help graduates navigate the unfamiliar territory of college.