Celebrating Latino Heritage Month through Alumni Success

Celebrating Latino Heritage Month through Alumni Success

This month, we have joined many organizations and communities across the country in commemorating Latino and Hispanic Heritage this year, as ever, from September 15 - October 15.. 

Latino Heritage Month is not only a celebration, but also a reminder that as educators we must continue to advocate for educational equity. For over 20 years , we’ve remained steadfast in our mission to help all students reach their full potential in their pursuit of success in college, leadership, and life. Today, there are over 19,000 Green Dot graduates, each a powerful force for change in their community.  

So we’re sharing a collection of stories that honor the voices and achievements of our Latino alumni. 


Rising So That Others Can: Meet Alumna Yaritza Gonzalez

Many of our students who attend college come back as a testament to their communities. With an emphasis on personal responsibility, and a well-supported academic program, we believe that all students can succeed. In this guest-authored piece, learn how this unmotivated high school student became a Dartmouth College alumna at  Green Dot Public Schools.

How This Valedictorian Learned Computer Programming Before College

How This Valedictorian Learned Computer Programming Before College

Last June in her valedictorian speech, Jenny Mendez reminded her Ánimo Venice Charter High School peers that failure is a part of success and urged them to take a leap of faith to pursue their dreams. Now a freshman at the University of California Berkeley, she is thankful for the education she received at her alma mater.

Ingrid Martinez

How This Student Crossed The College Awareness Gap with Senior Bridge

Growing up, Ingrid Martinez sought the confidence she needed to go to college. The journey seemed vast, the knowledge seemed unreachable, and the academic support was nonexistent. As a senior at Ánimo Ralph Bunche Charter High School, all that has changed. Martinez is unwavering in her conviction to succeed and become the first person in her family to attend college.

Ruby Esparza

Meet Ruby Esparza, Dell Scholar

Ánimo Watts College Preparatory Academy Senior Ruby Esparza is one of 13 Green Dot students to receive the prestigious Dell Scholarship award in 2021. The program, funded by the Susan & Michael Dell Foundation, provides students with a Dell Laptop, textbook credits, academic resources, mentorship opportunities—and a $20,000 scholarship. 

Antonio Precadio

Ivy-Bound Senior Reflects on Ánimo Inglewood Experiences

“Coming from parents who only attended the sixth grade, I think it's crazy just in the fact that I am even graduating high school,” reflected Antonio Preciado, an alum oft Ánimo Inglewood Charter High School.

How Ánimo Compton Equipped This Student for English Proficiency

How Ánimo Compton Equipped This Student for English Proficiency

Growing up, 9th grader Tabahta Salazar did not always feel capable in English Language Arts. Classified as an English Learner, she entered school several grade levels behind her peers. But her path changed when she enrolled in Ánimo Compton Charter School’s inaugural class of nearly 100 middle school students.