Thank You: Celebrating National Principals Month 2020


Since our founding in 1999, our principals have been essential in our pursuit to provide a high-quality public education option in our most vulnerable communities. In recognition of their  commitment to education, we are excited to celebrate National Principals Month during October. 

Our 24 schools across California and Tennessee are led by strong leaders who inspire our students, educators, and families. Amid COVID-19, our school leaders helped their school communities navigate through challenge and uncertainty. During these difficult times, each one of our principals have unceasingly represented our core values in this time of need by organizing food and technology distribution sites, leading the swift transition to distance learning, and bridging families with our schools. Simply put, our principals drive our mission, support our teachers, and build our communities. 

To kick off this month-long celebration, we’ve rounded up a handful of our favorite stories that depict how important our principals are to our learning communities. To all of our principals, thank you for the difference you make in the lives of those we serve every day. 


Why This Assistant Principal is Making Memphis Her Home

Damika Pichon has been a dedicated Green Dot educator for more than a decade now. But it’s the story behind those ten years that is truly remarkable, demonstrating her profound commitment to the success of our students and the realization of the Green Dot mission.


Green Dot School Leaders Welcome Families Back to School Virtually

While the COVID-19 pandemic caused an unexpected shift in classrooms across the nations, our principals were the first to respond. Our school leaders collaborated with health experts, studied virtual education models, gathered feedback from stakeholders, and worked with peers across the country to refine our distance learning practices to ensure student success.

Mario twins

Green Dot Schools Work to Narrow the Digital Divide for South LA Families

For many parents, COVID-19 has surfaced new challenges and anxieties as they grapple with uncertainty. In this story, our Ánimo Watts College Preparatory Academy principal Esther Deth explains how she prepared her school for distance learning, and helped several families narrow technological gaps in their households.


The New School Year Comes at an Unprecedented Time for Green Dot Educators

In California, our team of educators started the school year with a redesigned curriculum for distance learning. Our principal reflected on the lessons we learned in spring and collaborated with our educators and union partners to refine existing practices and develop innovative ways to provide students with a high-quality educational experience.

Tiana Blog

Tiana Diggs: Leading with Love and High Expectations

Few people are surprised that Tiana Diggs is now a principal at the school where her teaching career began. Though if you asked Diggs if she ever imagined that she’d be a principal the answer might surprise you.