Chad, the Green Dot Growth All Star who wants to become a voice actor


Chad is a 12th grader at Ánimo City of Champions High School in Los Angeles, CA. Even though he is quiet when you first meet him, once he opens up, he is very sociable. He will tell you proudly that he is friends with everyone on campus. He credits this to his efforts to be kind to everyone he meets. He aspires to go to college, study theater, and ultimately become a voice actor. He’s fascinated by the ability of voice actors to convey so much depth and emotion through their voice alone. In his spare time, he enjoys reading graphic novels, and leads the Anime club at his school.

When Chad entered the 9th grade at his Green Dot school, he was accompanied by a data anomaly that doesn’t remotely fit the vibrancy of his personality: He was reading at a 3rd grade level. After only 3.5 years at Ánimo City of Champions, he is now reading close to a 10th grade level - a pace 7x what he had been achieving prior to Green Dot!

While Chad struggled during his first year, he credits his teacher and the English Department Chair, Ms. Cook, for taking the time to get to know him as a person and for encouraging him academically. At one point, he wasn’t completing his reading assignments for class. After connecting with Ms. Cook, his viewpoint changed and his progress sky rocketed. “I got motivated, I didn’t want to fail high school,” said Chad. 

Ms. Cook believes that being able to take her English class in a smaller group made him comfortable and opened his eyes to reading and becoming a central part in his group. “I think it was internal motivation. We had a smaller class and I think he felt more comfortable participating and engaging,” explains Ms. Cook. “He began to like some of the literature that we were reading, and he even read a play in the class and acted out one of the parts.” Ms. Cook inspired a love of reading, and since her class, Chad has started a book club with fellow students. “I just wanted a quiet place to go after school.”

Chad’s grandmother, Bonnie Broadus, is really proud of her grandson, who has faced many adversities but has been able to step ahead and become a fine student. “He’s a kind soul, he really cares for other people. He is always standing up for others and looking out for the underdog,” said Mrs. Broadus. “He wants to get involved with his community and be a model for others”. With these qualities, Chad is continuing his family history. He is related to civil rights leader, Mary B. Henry, who championed education and health care in the Los Angeles area by creating the Head Start program, which connects inner-city children to nutrition and early childhood education. A passion for helping others must run in the family! 

Ms. Cook’s influence on Chad has surpassed the classroom, as she is no longer his teacher, but he visits her office regularly looking for advice and encouragement. “He’s still comes in to see me a lot and he even borrows my sweaters when he’s cold,” said Ms. Cook with a laugh. “He’s a very likable kid. I think he has grown so much during his time at Green Dot. He perseveres and I really respect him for that. He stands up for other people as much as he stands up for himself and I am so proud of him.”

Students thrive in Green Dot schools. Each arrives at our middle or high schools, full of the energy and creativity of youth, but often accompanied by a data anomaly that doesn’t remotely fit: they are multiple grades behind and chance of college and a successful career is slipping away. They have been promoted learning half a grade or less each year. At Green Dot, everything changes. Anonymity is banished within a Green Lens of care, support, and unlimited expectations. Students become Growth All Stars, achieving multiple grades of learning each year at their schools. 

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