Check Out the Smiles of the Class of 2018

Green Dot is proud to celebrate the Class of 2018! This year marked a number of milestones for our schools, and as we reflect on the school year, it’s clear how much there is to celebrate.

class of 2018

At our founding school, Ánimo Leadership Charter High School, 100% of seniors graduated, and 99% of them graduated college-ready!

class of 2018

In California, over 90% of our seniors walked across the graduation stage, and more than two thirds graduated with the requisite grades to be deemed college-ready college. Students will be attending an array of top colleges, including Stanford University, Brown University, Pitzer College, Wellesley College, Dickinson College, the University of Southern California, New York University, St. John’s University, the University of California at Los Angeles, and the University of California at Berkeley.

class of 2018

At Green Dot, we also define success as the ability to grow, which is why we’re particularly excited about the growth in college readiness at Ánimo Jackie Robinson Charter High School. From 2017 to 2018, their college-ready graduation rate grew by nearly 12 percentage points!

In Washington, our first class of eighth graders at Destiny Middle School is heading off to high school next year. This year’s Greater Tacoma Peace Prize Laureate Melannie Denise Cunningham spoke at their promotion ceremony, encouraging students to focus on having the right attitude for success. In addition, another class of eighth graders received their promotion certificates from Excel Public Charter School.

class of 2018

At our transformation high school in California, Alain Leroy Locke College Preparatory Academy, their graduation rates exceed those of all nearby high schools.

class of 2018

Our first transformation school in Tennessee, Fairley High School, celebrated the first class of students to graduate who have attended the school since it was designated part of the new Achievement School District, and Green Dot led it. More than 90% of the senior class walked on stage to collect their diplomas. All of Fairley’s graduates plan to attend post-secondary schools and college. Seventy-five of those graduating seniors qualified for the Tennessee Promise scholarship, 30 students qualified for the Tennessee HOPE Scholarship and 25 students plan to attend colleges out of state in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Minnesota, Texas and Virginia.

class of 2018

While we say farewell to another class of future leaders, we also look forward to greeting the new classes of students across the Green Dot network. This fall, we welcome the founding classes of sixth graders at Ánimo Compton Charter School, and ninth graders at Rainier Valley Leadership Academy High School.

At all our schools, we congratulate our graduates and look forward to the next season of preparing all students for college, leadership and life.

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