A Field Trip to Empower Young Women of Color


This past fall, in partnership with the USC Marshall School of Business,  the USC Race and Equity Center, and the California African American Museum (CAAM), 100 young women of color from Ánimo Jackie Robinson Charter High School, Ánimo South Los Angeles Charter High School (ASLA), Ánimo Inglewood Charter High School, Ánimo City of Champions Charter High School, Ánimo College Preparatory Academy , and Ánimo Watts College Preparatory Academy took a trip to the University of Southern California for a day of building awareness, and discussing equity, inclusion, and empowerment.


The day began with a panel at USC — professionals and alumni sharing their journey from college to career as women of color. Though each woman’s path was unique, their stories shared a common theme: despite adversity, they persevered. A highlight of the day was our young women having the opportunity to see and engage with other students and women who reflect the positive images we often portray to our students,” said Christiane Bell Eubanks, Counselor at ASLA. “These experiences allow our young women to have constant exposure and establish relationships with educated successful women, and I believe that builds intrinsic motivation to pursue their own dreams.”

Even with educated, successful parents guiding students, child development psychology shows how important it is for teens to have non-parental adults as role models and influencers as they attempt to deepen an understanding of their identity.

The panel was followed by a trip to the California African American Museum for the Focus Exhibit: We Wanted a Revolution, and ended with a Theater of the Oppressed workshop, which is offered through CAAM in partnership with USC. This workshop is a Brazilian performance form that sees theatre as a means of promoting social and political change.

“The purpose of the day was for students to better understand that college provides you with the skills and tools necessary to make a change in the world,” said Charli Kemp, Leadership and Life Coordinator. “Partnering with local organizations like USC and CAAM, helps provide our students with more opportunities to explore their interests and grow.”

At Green Dot, we believe in providing experiences inside and outside of the classroom that equip students with the knowledge, confidence, and resilience needed to be successful in their postsecondary pursuits.


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