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By: Sean Thibault, Director of Communications at Green Dot Public Schools

At Green Dot Public Schools, we know that putting the most effective educators in front of students who need the most is the single most important factor to ensure student success. It’s one of the many reasons that we work so hard to find and select teachers to work in our middle and high schools. What motivates that work is most often the same values that form Green Dot’s approach to successful schools.

Meet Danielle Hobbs, a new member of the team at Green Dot Public Schools, whose primary task is to help grow the community of educators dedicated to the inspiring turnaround work we are doing in Memphis. “Reading has always been my favorite thing to do, and my parents really pushed me to pursue my educational goals as much as I could. I remember carrying around my Phonics Cards because I wanted to learn more words,” says Ms. Hobbs, as she recalls her own academic journey.

When Ms. Hobbs first started to learn about Green Dot’s mission and impact, there was an immediate resonance with her personal experience:

I also had attended Wooddale Middle for a period time of time, when my family and I initially moved to Memphis, so I found Green Dot’s work there to be even more meaningful.

The opportunity for Green Dot’s students is enormous: a good education may not be easy, but it is worth it. My time at Green Dot has allowed me to see how important perseverance is for students, and why they should focus on their education today.” That time has also allowed Danielle to see fulfilling an opportunity it is to be an adult who supports our students as they persist through middle and high school.

It’s not only because of her own professional growth that Ms. Hobbs knew the power of a quality education. Prior to joining the Green Dot team, she worked in mental health in a residential setting. “I believe that the personal struggles each of us face can really be the fuel to help others,” she says. “In that role, I taught and mentored adolescent girls who had experienced trauma. Being in their corner allowed me to see how important it is to find other, like-minded professionals to become advocates for young people.”

Finding and recruiting those educators and professionals who are devoted to students is now part of her day-to-day role: “I really enjoy finding people that are going to be passionate about our work, and that want to lead regardless of their role.” A model to those students she serves, Ms. Hobbs also embraces the opportunity to learn and grow.

Taking the leap into this position was a great decision for me, but it is also still a learning experience, which is true for many of our staff, and owning my growth is what Green Dot is all about!

This is the core of what educators at Green Dot’s schools do for students, and everyone wants to help find the best staff possible for the 2016-2017 school year, when two new schools, Kirby Middle School and Hillcrest High School, join the Green Dot family.

I asked Danielle what she’d like to say to those reading about our interview: “If you are ready to take a (small) leap like I did, into a supportive career environment focused on serving students who need the most, I want to speak with you!” If an educational career that is mission-driven sounds appealing to you, contact Danielle Hobbs today to speak about how Green Dot might be the right fit; her phone number is 123-456-7890 and email is [email protected]

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