Graduation 2020: Senior reflects on sacrifices

Sacrifice- the act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy.

When I was younger I never fully understood the definition of the word “sacrifice” until I entered my freshman year of high school. The word “sacrifice started to display itself in my everyday life and its definition grew stronger.

My parents' story was my definition of the word “sacrifice”, they grew up in a neighborhood of gang and violence. They became teenage parents at the age of fifteen, with nothing more but hand me downs to provide for me and my siblings.  They sacrificed their entire young adulthood for their family that was in the making and worked day and night just to make sure we had everything that they were not able to have growing up. In my life it ranged from buying me the shoes and clothes that I wanted to working long days in their jobs that brought them countless headaches, bone aches and stress just to provide me with the opportunity to go to college. Like my parents, I know there is a hardworking guardian who is out there doing the same for their children.

Unfortunately, the class of 2020 was required to make sacrifices for their safety and the ones they love. We sacrificed our graduation, prom, grad nite, and moments with our friends the same way our parents sacrificed their “wants”  in life for our needs. You showed us that these sacrifices were not about what was being lost but rather what was being gained. You reminded us of the great moments we were able to have and the blessings that were going to come from these sacrifices. I just want to say thank you to all those who believed and motivated us to continue no matter how difficult the times we're getting. You continued to believe in us when so many others didn't. You knew we had an amazing future ahead of us when we couldn't see it for ourselves. You sacrificed so many things for us and continue to do so without hesitating.

I want to say thank you for supporting us during this time in our lives and for showing us that we are worth all the sacrifices you made. We are strong and fearless individuals because of you.