Green Dot Honors Black History Month with Reflection, Outlook

Green Dot Honors Black History Month with Reflection, Outlook

As Black History Month begins, our nation remembers the African American men and women who have made significant and lasting contributions to history and culture in America and the rest of the world. Across the network, our schools proudly celebrate the cultural wealth of all of our students and recognize the accomplishments of African Americans throughout the year. As educators, Black History Month is an opportunity to reflect on how we can better fight to eliminate inequity in public education and our broader society. This past year will be remembered as a significant milestone in confronting racial injustice in this country.

Today, we’re reflecting on the heroes who have contributed to our nation’s diverse history and the next generation of difference makers who are making positive impacts in their communities. Through their work, we are reminded of the sweet fruits of collaboration, determination, and innovation. Here are 7 stories that drive our mission, build our communities, and inspire us.

Mae Jemison_Blog2

Shooting for the Stars

A namesake, hero, and a source of inspiration, Mae Jemison’s lessons embolden us all to reach for the physical and metaphorical stars.


Breaking Barriers

Jackie Robinson showed us that with determination, there’s nothing that can stop our students from reaching their full potential and to become successful in college, leadership, and life.

African American

How African American Students are Closing Achievement Gaps

At Green Dot, we take the achievement of all of our students seriously. That’s why we’ve created opportunities to build support for African American students across our network. Read how our African American Achievement Committee is creating new opportunities for all students at our schools.

Alice Walker4

A Moment of Reflection

2020 was a year of reflection. Decades of inequalities and injustice between communities transformed into palpable anger and disappointment last summer. Here’s what we learned last year, and how our school community learned from it.


Observing Juneteenth

As a network of schools, we have banded together to celebrate Juneteeth, a 155-year old commemoration of the abolishment of slavery in the United States. This is a moment for observation of the history, contributions, and achievement of African Americans, and a reminder on how we continue to speak out against injustice.


Celebrating Opportunity

Our schools are full of bright students who are ready to make a difference. Meet Trinity, a first year senior at UCLA with big plans to major in Psychobiology.

Diamond Jones

It’s Always a Good Time to Lead

Green Dot Alumna Diamond Jones reminds us that we can all do something to make this world a better place. This past summer, Jones led a large clean up in South Los Angeles.