Green Dot Is on a Mission to Match All Students with a Mentor


Green Dot Public Schools have launched a bold initiative to eventually match all 14,000 Green Dot students in California, Tennessee, and Southeast Texas with a professional mentor. The program is piloting with Ánimo City of Champions in California and Hillcrest High School in Memphis. The Green Dot Public Schools National Mentorship Program seeks to transform public education by empowering historically underserved and students of color to recognize and strive to reach their full potential and support pathways to success in the communities Green Dot Public Schools serves.

"As a tech company in the music industry, Chartmetric spends all day writing code and working with music data. With Green Dot, we get the privilege of being a support structure and positive influence on young people's lives,” says Jason Joven, Music Data Insights Manager at Chartmetric. “It's exciting to step away from the daily grind, and work towards something far more important: human potential."

Anchor partners include FedEx, Microsoft, Pacific Charter School Development, and Chartmetric whose employees will serve as mentors. The program creates opportunities for partners to illustrate their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in a direct way. Mentors will spend 3-4 hours per month connecting with students online, guided by a structured curriculum that emphasizes socio-emotional learning, relationship building, career exploration, and networking. Mentors will pass a background check and participate in DEI and anti-bias training to learn how to build trust and lead with vulnerability.

“There is evidence that shows the powerful and long lasting impact that quality mentorship relationships have on youth,” says Chad Soleo, Green Dot Public Schools CEO. “We are confident that adding a mentorship program to Green Dot will further help our students recognize and reach their full potential.” 

For Green Dot students, mentorship supports the improvement of their academic, social, and economic prospects. For mentors, the mentor/mentee relationship will build connection through a shared experience, hone leadership and management skills, expand their professional network, and provide an empowering opportunity to give back to historically underserved communities and youth. 

“We are thrilled to be joining our long-time school partner in extending the opportunity for our staff to directly impact the lives of students in communities we already serve,” says John Sun, CEO of Pacific Charter School Development. 

Green Dot is designing the program in collaboration with MENTOR California and MENTOR Memphis Grizzlies and leading trainings through Leverage to Lead.