Green Dot Public Schools Tennessee Re-Entry Updates 10/26

“Reflection is the act of looking back so that view looking forward is even clearer.”

- Unknown

We have officially begun Quarter 2 on all Green Dot Public Schools TN campuses. As we move forward, we want to reflect on how the pandemic has changed the way we do everything from greeting friends to attending school; much has changed. For the first time in the history of educating students in Memphis, our doors were closed to the students and families we serve and schools began the arduous, uncharted work of educating students through distance learning. We have spent more time than anyone ever imagined to create living, working and learning environments that meet the demands of health and wellness, as well as school priorities in our virtual and physical space.

Green Dot Public Schools TN appreciates the efforts and thought partnership with members of our Advisory Planning Groups. The members of each group has offered invaluable feedback and reflection. With their help, we have developed virtual communities that have assisted in keeping GDPST families, staff and students informed. Through these virtual connections, we have answered questions from parents and community members, creating more clarity for the plans we continue building for everyone in the organization.

The GDPST family has STRETCHED IT, remained TEAMSTRONG, working continuously to GET IT RIGHT, taking time to OWN IT because everything we do is ultimately ALL ABOUT THE STUDENTS. We are remaining steadfast to this work and making decisions that are in the best interest of the our families and communities.

IMPORTANT: End of Quarter 1 Parent Survey

We remain committed to using the best information from health experts and local officials to guide us through the decision-making process during the pandemic. Please take a moment to complete this brief survey as part of our pulse check. Your responses will provide important data to our planning groups.

Community Spotlight: Starbucks

Green Dot Public Schools TN is honored to partner with Starbucks, through the continuous support of Memphis native and district manager, Courtney Johnson, who also leads Starbucks’ diversity recruitment and training programs throughout the Mid-South. Starbucks began partnering with Green Dot Public Schools TN during the 2019-2020 school year. Creating opportunities for students at Hillcrest and Fairley, this partnership has collaborated with our After School Program to facilitate mentors and motivational speakers, host community-wide job fairs, and raise awareness for the needs of our students and their families. Starbucks has generously donated to our efforts to engage more with parents and the community. Additionally, Starbucks has sponsored events honoring the hard work our Green Dot teachers and staff are doing on a daily basis. Big Green Dot thank you to Starbucks and district manager, Courtney Johnson!

Upcoming Events

Save the Date: United Parents and Students Virtual Assembly

Save the date to join our friends at United Parents and Students for their 7th Annual "Together We Rise: A Vision For Change" Virtual Assembly on November 17, 2020 from 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM.

Please keep an eye out for more information about how to attend in next week's newsletter.

In Case You Missed It

Need WiFi at home?

Green Dot Public Schools TN understands the technology gap that exists for families in our communities. We are proud to be able to partner with Comcast to provide six months of free internet service to enrolled families who qualify. After the six months of free service, families will have the opportunity to continue, with a nominal fee.

We have extended this opportunity to all of our current students and have received an overwhelming response. Fortunately, we are able to extend this to newly enrolled students as well. So, if there are families contemplating enrollment but are afraid they will not have access to internet for their students to attend distance learning, we will work to get them enrolled, assign a laptop and set them up with Comcast for WiFi.

Please email your full name, your student's full name, and your best contact number to [email protected] or call your student's school to sign up today!

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