Green Dot Public Schools Tennessee Re-Entry Updates 5/31


“Graduation is not the end; it’s the beginning.” – Orrin Hatch
Green Dot Public Schools TN is proud to congratulate the 2021 graduates of Fairley High, Hillcrest High and the first ever senior class at Bluff City High School. Finishing 12 years of school is a quite a feat, especially during the past year and a half of pandemic academics. We are so excited to have celebrated these seniors with prom, outings and school activities that brought a sense of normalcy to their culminating year of K-12 education. Elenor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” We know that our graduates will follow the bright paths leading to their futures and make every dream a reality as they pursue college, leadership and life. The tassels have been turned and the class of 2021 has left the building.
Class Reunion Graduate Photo Collage
Highest Honors
GDPST would like to continue celebrating our graduates by highlighting those students who achieved the greatest accolades for graduating seniors: valedictorian. We want to share brief moments from their speeches to honor their achievement.

Bryan De La Cruz, Bluff City High School Valedictorian

"To the Class of 2021…we epitomize what it means to be trailblazers. In 2017, most of you entered into a small 8 room trailer and called it a school. Each year we grew in number and maturity. We are literally a product of what it means to be the first of everything: the first freshman class, first sophomore class, first junior class, and now the first graduating class. Some of us made excuses along the way and did not give our best. Some of us dropped off along the way and chose not to finish what we started. I am reminded of a quote that my senior English teacher Mr. Gaye wanted me to memorize at the beginning of the year. It goes as follows. 'Excuses are tools of the incompetent which build monuments of nothingness and those who specialize in the usage seldom amount to anything.'"


Bryan Jackson, Fairley High School Valedictorian

“As a kid who grew up taking speech classes and resource classes, no one was expecting me to stand before you today as the Valedictorian. I was behind in school, got teased because I couldn’t answer questions in class, and felt misunderstood, miserable and sometimes unworthy. But one day I decided life had thrown enough punches at me and it was time I started throwing some back. I decided other people’s words were holding me back and I decided to let go. To forgive. And that along with some hard work has brought me here today. Just one more lesson we can take from our time at Fairley: All it takes is a little forgiving and not giving in to the pressure. Realize and comprehend you mean something.”


Ka Teria Scullark, Hillcrest High School Valedictorian

“In the midst of school, I have learned that you should always keep moving forward. The thought of preserving your dreams or even being able to do anything you want should be enough encouragement to proceed. Obstacles will only result in you doing two things, backing down and regretting not going on, or advancing and bragging about how you made it through. While deciding, don’t forget that your choices don’t just affect you. I also intend to use my knowledge to inform the youth on how getting an education is the key to everything you do, and with that education you can advance in any career path you choose. My piece of advice to underclassmen is very straightforward. 'Work hard in silence, so that you can allow your success to make the noise for you.'"

COVID-19 Vaccines
Green Dot Public Schools TN is partnering with Life Doc Health and Southwest Vaccine Center to provide vaccines to families who express an interest. The Pfizer vaccine was recently approved for children ages 12 - 17. If you would like to receive vaccines for yourself, family members or students, please use the link below to complete the survey.
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