Green Dot Public Schools Tennessee Re-Entry Updates 9/14

“At times the climb can seem strenuous, challenging, and sometimes even impossible. The Power of Perseverance combined with determination is the power that will take you to the top.”

- Chuck Danes

One of the top priorities of Green Dot Public Schools TN is creating spaces and opportunities for everyone to persevere through any of life's challenges, leading individuals to a place of physical and mental wellness. There are many ways in which people define or describe the phenomenon that is wellness. It is often described as the conscious decision to move towards a healthy, more meaningful life. It is not just being without any illness, it is actively participating in the evolution of growth and change; persevering. It is more important now, than it has ever been to continue the climb to better mental health, even in the midst of chaos, and physical health, even when it's easier to stay on the couch.

We are grateful for our Highly Effective Team Working Group and the efforts they have made towards mental and physical wellness in Green Dot. They have been instrumental in assisting us to persevere towards wellness within our communities, students and staff. Each new opportunity encourages our team to continue this climb to prepare students for college, leadership, and life, no matter how challenging, with renewed power and strength.

Special shout out to all of the GDPST students that have completed the Fall 2020 distance learning survey!

Student DL survey 9.13.20 _5_

After School Program

The After School Program Has Started!

GDPST’s After School Program is off to a great virtual start. The program consists of academic support as well as enrichment courses. The program is offered at all 5 school sites and is open and available to any Green Dot Public School TN student. We will use several different platforms to engage with the students such as Google Classroom, Zoom, and school site Facebook Pages.

Academic and Enrichment Course assignments will be posted on the different platforms Monday- Thursday with Fridays being labeled as “Challenge Day” in which students can win a variety of awards based on their participation from the week. Academic support will be provided by certified teachers from GDPST. Enrichment course supplies will be available for students to pick up from their school site to use during the sessions. Some of the enrichment courses that will be offered are Yoga from Uplift Motion, Cosmetology, Fitness, Cooking, STEM from U of Memphis and Code Crew, social emotional support from Youth Villages, and many more. The program will also provide several different virtual family engagement options from our partnerships including Amazon, FedEx, MPD, Step Ahead Foundation, and Starbucks.

Click here to see what each school's ASP is currently offering.

In Case You Missed It

Need WiFi at home?

Green Dot Public Schools TN understands the technology gap that exists for families in our communities. We are proud to be able to partner with Comcast to provide six months of free internet service to enrolled families who qualify. After the six months of free service, families will have the opportunity to continue, with a nominal fee.

We have extended this opportunity to all of our current students and have received an overwhelming response. Fortunately, we are able to extend this to newly enrolled students as well. So, if there are families contemplating enrollment but are afraid they will not have access to internet for their students to attend distance learning, we will work to get them enrolled, assign a laptop and set them up with Comcast for WiFi.

Please email your full name, your student's full name, and your best contact number to [email protected] or call your student's school to sign up today!

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