Green Dot Public Schools Tennessee Updates 3/27

GDPST Updates March 27, 2022

Green Dot Public Schools is in a season of change and we are excited! On July 1, we are promoting two long-time stakeholders to new positions at the GDPST Home Office. Christina Austin, principal at Fairley High will be our Chief of Schools; and Marysa Utley, principal of Wooddale Middle, will serve as our inaugural Chief of Staff.
Their movement enables the organization to grow the dot of two of our strongest assistant principals. Also on July 1, Denai Greene, who joined Wooddale from day one as a teacher before her promotion to assistant principal, will become the new principal of Wooddale Middle School. Julius Blackburn, former Wooddale teacher, math curriculum specialist, and assistant principal, will become the new principal of Fairley High School. These schools are in very capable hands and we look forward to continued academic growth.
Meet Ms. Denai Greene
Denai Greene started her teaching career in 2014 at Wooddale Middle School. Fun fact: Denai came with the Wooddale building, joining GDPST in 2015 as a data-driven math teacher, ensuring students receive high-quality instruction to achieve academic success.
Denai is no stranger to growing her dot as she has held various roles such as Math Instructional Lead and Professional Development Lead before joining the administration team as Assistant Principal in 2020. Her passion for education, math, and the Wooddale community have been demonstrated throughout her tenure as a teacher and Assistant Principal. Her passion will continue to be demonstrated as she takes on the role of the school principal. Denai hopes to continue the heart work as a community growth catalyst, surpassing academic as well as behavioral expectations.
Meet Mr. Julius Blackburn

Mr. Blackburn joined GDPST in 2015 as a math teacher at Wooddale Middle School before becoming one of the district Math Curriculum Specialists. After serving in this role, he became an assistant principal at Wooddale Middle School and later Fairley High School. With a successfultrack record as a school leader and a passion for educational equity and student achievement, we are confident in his ability to lead as Julius transitions into the role of principal at Fairley High School. Under his leadership, he hopes to shape the path of academic success for all students and cultivate leadership in students, staff, and community members. Please join us in congratulating Julius Blackburn as the new principal at Fairley High School.

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