Happy Teacher Appreciation Day from Green Dot Public Schools!


While you may not be able to see their capes if you walk into their classrooms, we know that our teachers are everyday superheroes. While none of our students and families need rescuing, they have committed to working on the front lines of one of the most important civil rights issues of our time in confronting educational inequity.

Over the weekend, we hosted the Sixth Annual Golden Dot Awards to honor these superheroes, along with the school leaders and support staff, all of whom are relentlessly pursuing the fulfillment of our mission.

We know in the process of trying to close the opportunity gap for our students, we’ve achieved some great successes, and we’ve learned some difficult lessons. Today is not a day of beating ourselves up over our areas for improvement, but rather, it’s a day to celebrate! It’s a day--and a week--to acknowledge that our teachers are taking on some of the most challenging work of growing students multiple grade levels in one year. They are working together, and they are working with a dignity and dedication that is worthy of praise.

Today, we offer a small window into some of the stories of our amazing educators from across all of Green Dot’s three regions:

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