Hillcrest Senior ‘Gives Her Best Shot,’ and Lands a Basketball Scholarship


Chancey Jackson, a Hillcrest High School alumna, is heading to Northeast Mississippi Community College in Booneville, Mississippi in the fall on a basketball scholarship. Reflecting on her senior year, Jackson is proud of the strong season she and her teammates had. The Lady Vikings were 14-0 this season, and were the top ranking team in the district. While the team didn’t make it to the state finals this year, they did close the season with an impressive 20-7 record, much of which is due to Jackson’s skill as a shooting guard and as a leader.

Jackson grew up in Memphis, and transferred to Hillcrest in her senior year -- a transition many high school students her age wouldn’t want to make. “Hillcrest has more options than the school I was at, and the principal is cool and gets along with everyone,” shared Jackson. “She makes school fun. Like if I ever have a bad day, she’ll pull you to the side and have a conversation with you about it.” Christina Austin, Hillcrest’s principal, has been happy to have Jackson as part of the Viking family and isn’t surprised by her success. “I’m proud of Chancey because no matter what you ask of her she gives 110%,” said Austin. “It’s her commitment to being great that makes her great. She has strong parental support and she’s always smiling and gives everything her best shot.”


Not only has Jackson been happy to have a strong school leader and play on a winning basketball team, but she’s also grown a deep appreciation for her school in a short time: “I love everything about Hillcrest. I love all the teachers and classes. I don’t like how some people say Hillcrest is a bad school, because it’s not. They need to step foot in here. “The Gov/Econ teacher, Ms. Booker, is my favorite,” said Jackson. “I call her my second mom, because she’s funny, but she makes sure you do everything you need. She’s always there for me and makes sure I’m on point.”

Jackson’s hoping her hard work both on and off the court will pay off in her future. As the first to go to college in her family, she wants to make them proud. “I want to be successful,” said Jackson. “I want to be a nurse, so I think college is a good opportunity for me.”

At Hillcrest, and at all Green Dot schools, teachers and school staff see each student as an important and special investment. We know that providing opportunities for students to grow both academically and in their passions is important to graduating them truly prepared for college, leadership, and life.

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