How the Grindhouse Boxing Program is Helping Fairley Students Succeed

For Jada Pipkin, a sophomore at Fairley High School, the Grindhouse Boxing Program is the highlight of her day. “I learned that I got a lot of self confidence, and it taught me to be strong about myself,” said Pipkin. Led by Jessica Hubbard, a Behavior Specialist at Green Dot, the program provides students with a safe after school environment that fosters and promotes physical, mental, and emotional health through the use of boxing and kickboxing.

Hubbard encourages the parallel between the hard work needed in the boxing gym and in the classroom, she also holds the same level of academic accountability for the boxing club as other athletic teams at the school. To drive the point home, Hubbard does a weekly grade check for Grindhouse Boxers, and if their grade drops below a C in any class, they must attend tutoring. In addition, they are not permitted to stay in the program if they’ve been suspended, had two misbehaviors logged in a month, or if they’re involved in a fight. “We work as a team. Your actions have an impact on other people,” said Hubbard.

At Green Dot, we know how important it is that all students feel seen and have the opportunity to become young leaders. Programs like Grindhouse Boxing are vital to help reveal and nurture the success that all students can achieve when provided the right structure and support.