Imagine the Possibilities

Student seated at graduation ceremony

America is a nation of entrepreneurs and innovators; admired and often imitated. We have landed probes on Mars, designed the world’s most admired technology, and our film and music industries are powerful influencers of culture globally. With all our success, why then do we trail so far behind in providing an excellent public education for our children? It is a reality that follows not from a lack of knowledge, but rather a collective failure of will.Green Dot is constantly evolving to stay on the leading edge of transforming our nation’s lowest performing public schools into centers of excellence. As our 2021 Imagine the Possibilities campaign gets underway, we take inspiration from the incredible evolutionary transformations taking place throughout our world every day.The COVID pandemic brought unprecedented challenges. When school buildings closed nationwide, inequity was more visible in school systems than ever before.  However, the technology we used to connect teachers and students in distance learning also enabled us to reimagine the boundaries of school. All of a sudden, a huge range of exceptional professionals we formerly struggled to connect to our schools, were able to jump on a video call from across the country and become additional guides for our students. In doing so, they learned that these young men and women are also exceptional; the vibrant pulse of a diverse American future. Technology eliminated distance.Building on our (r)evolutionary responses to the pandemic, Green Dot has launched a National Mentorship Initiative with the bold vision to connect, within the next three years, a professional mentor with each of our 15,000 students in an exchange of wisdom. Please support Green Dot’s 2021 Imagine the Possibilities campaign. Together, we will create a dynamic 21st Century school system worthy of our nation’s aspirations.