It’s All About the Students

We have an expression at Green Dot that captures one of our core beliefs: It’s all about the students.

Everything we do, every decision we make, every piece of curriculum we consider, we measure it against the positive difference it might make for our students. If it helps them, it’s in. If not, it’s out. It’s all about the students. Since our founding 15 years ago, these five words have embodied the essence of our work.

  • The dedication our teachers show drafting engaging lesson plans, grading papers and exams, and tutoring kids who need a little extra help? It’s all about the students.
  • Our counselors’ enthusiasm for arranging and accompanying students as early as 6th grade on their first visits to a college campus? It’s all about the students.
  • The commitment of Green Dot’s summer staff, who ensure that incoming students are ready to succeed… before the first day of school? It’s all about the students.
  • The more than 5,500 parents who’ve enrolled in our Parent Academy courses to learn about their children’s education and how to help them with the college application process? That’s right—It’s all about the students.

But let’s let the students themselves tell you exactly what we’re talking about.

Students like Marco Solis, the Ánimo Pat Brown Charter High School alumnus who’ll be graduating from Stanford University next year with a degree in mechanical engineering.

Students like Terrell Adamos, who described his experience at Alain LeRoy Locke Academy this way: “Students come here because they have bigger goals and dreams and want to go to college. Instead of gang-banging and selling drugs, or ending up in prison, I’m going to go to college.”

And students from across the organization who spent part of last summer with art teacher Paul Botello painting a large mural celebrating Green Dot’s 15th anniversary. Now proudly on display in Green Dot’s home office in downtown Los Angeles, the mural, which measures seven by nine feet, illustrates their experiences at Green Dot with a dazzling blend of inspirational imagery and vivid color.

We have so much to celebrate this year, but most of all…it’s all about the students.


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