JetTalk: National Geographic Photographer on Lessons From Behind the Camera

Jet Talk – Ami Vitale from Green Dot Public Schools on Vimeo.

National Geographic photojournalist and filmmaker Ami Vitale shared stories of living in mud huts, visiting war zones, and donning panda suits in China, with students at Alain LeRoy Locke College Preparatory Academy. As a photographer in war zones, Vitale traveled to over 90 countries and found much success, but came to realize that the work wasn’t fulfilling her.

Instead, Vitale chose to use her camera to bring awareness to the countless wildlife and environmental stories that are often unseen by most of the world. From this experience, Vitale learned an invaluable life lesson: “Let life lead you where it may, but don’t be afraid to stop and question and make changes.”

As a part of its JetTalk series, the JetSpace hosts a wide variety of speakers to share their inspirational stories and career paths with students to help stimulate the flow of inventive ideas, ingenuity, and well-connected professionals in the south Los Angeles community.

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