A Thank You Note to Our School Counselors

As we work to prepare our students for success in college, leadership, and life, we’re taking time to reflect on the people who make Green Dot’s mission and our students' dreams possible. This week we’re celebrating National School Counseling Week (February 1-5). These heroic individuals nurture our students’ vision for the future and equip them with the tools and confidence to pursue their biggest goals.

Our Green Dot counselors are inspiring. They are also central to addressing systemic barriers in education by recognizing opportunities that draw out our students’ inherent gifts. They’ve shown our students, families, and staff how it’s never too early to prepare for college, and the importance of rigor and study skills. An integral part of our college-going culture, counselors help students develop academic and social-emotional support skills, create safe spaces for trauma and mental health support, and provide our students with guidance on their road to college.

This week we’re sharing a few of our favorite stories that demonstrate how our counselors impact the lives of our students every day.


Green Dot Counselors’ Message to the Class of 2020

Though graduations and commencements looked different than years prior, the achievement remains the same — the hard work, challenging times, and sacrifices were all worth it.

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Students Cross College Awareness Gaps with Senior Bridge

Many of the students in the communities that we serve often face academic, financial, and generational challenges to college attendance which can make things difficult. Through our College Persistence initiative, our school counselors are preparing our students for post-secondary success every day.


Happy Campers: Bluff City Students Experience the Great Outdoors

Last year, a group of 40 founding freshmen from Bluff City High School spent one night at Camp Chia La Key in Huntsville, Alabama. And one of our school counselors led the effort.

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Why This Alumna Became a Counselor at Her Alma Mater

“When I became a counselor many of my friends and even family members would ask me, ‘Do you have a couch where you ask students how they're doing while you scribble notes in a notepad?’” chuckled Stacie Cruz, a counselor at Ánimo Leadership Charter High School.


How Simone Is Paving the Way for Her Siblings to Attend College

Simone Grossley, an 11th grade student at Ánimo City of Champions Charter High School (CHA) has always had a strong desire to attend college. Thanks to dual enrollment college courses, she will also arrive with a semester’s worth of college credit!


Middle Schoolers Take College Classes at Ánimo Ellen Ochoa

“When we confirmed that our middle school students were eligible for college courses, Ms.Ybarra and I reached out to ELAC, who has similar partnerships with some of our Green Dot high schools,” said Dora Archila, counselor at Ánimo Ellen Ochoa Charter Middle School.