Photo Essay: Green Dot Parents Rally for a Better Future at ForwardLA

This month United Parents and Students (UPAS), in conjunction with Green Dot Public Schools and other partners, welcomed parents, stakeholders, local leaders and elected officials, and community members to the ForwardLA: A Day for Justice event at Los Angeles Trade Technical College.

The summit is one of the many ways UPAS advocates for families and communities so that each child—Green Dot or not—has the opportunities necessary for success inside and outside of the classroom.


“I came here today because I feel there is a strong desire for change in my community and others like it. This cry for change is happening all over the world and we have to do something.”

                                                                                  -Akilah Lanche 


The summit engaged participants on six key issues:

  • Affordable housing
  • Food deserts
  • Clean communities
  • Good jobs
  • Immigration protections
  • Safe streets


The summit included breakout sessions where parents agreed on a set of demands and action plans to take to their local leaders in order to influence real change on the issues that effect them most.


We want all our students to grow at Green Dot and beyond, and to do so, we pledge to help create a world that doesn’t restrict their lifelong growth, but instead, gives them the support they need to prosper. Alongside United Parents and Students, Green Dot looks forward to working towards this vision.


“It’s important to be involved, it helps you know what’s going on and how it may affect your child, because as parents we all want a better future for our children.”

– Maria Alvarez

Learn More About ForwardLA: A Day for Justice

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