STEAM Summer Lab School


This summer, Green Dot students from ten of our high schools participated in STEM Summer Lab School through the REAL Residency program, a partnership between Green Dot and California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH). Led by seven Green Dot teachers and eighteen CSUDH teacher candidates, Green Dot students spent four weeks engaging in an interdisciplinary, project-based unit of study to earn college credit, applying science, English Language Arts, and math skills to study COVID-19 and its impact in our communities. Students collaborated in teams to create websites, podcasts and public service announcements as demonstrations of their learning. Please join us in congratulating our Lab School Scholars and check out their amazing work below!

Awards & Recognition

Excellence in Science & ELA Award

Awareness and Minority United

Team Members:
Samantha Rendon-Servellon, Oscar De La Hoya Ánimo 
Henry Bello, Ánimo Leadership 
Edgar Hernandez, Ánimo Jackie Robinson 
Sergio Pimentel, Ánimo Pat Brown 

Student Choice Award


Team Members:
Britney Iuit, Ánimo Inglewood
Verenice Perez, Ánimo Leadership
Yanira Cruz, Ánimo South LA
Deborah Jaimez Juarez, Ánimo Watts

Student Projects

Spread Facts, Not COVID!

Team Members:
Alejandra Mancia, Oscar De La Hoya
Keylee Morales, Oscar De La Hoya
Jazmine Coronique, Ánimo South LA
Carmenli Ochoa Morales, Ánimo Venice

Jenovika Covid Apocalypse

Team Members:
Kayteline Barahona, Ánimo Leadership
Jennifer Davila, Ánimo South LA
Victoria Villegas, Ánimo Pat Brown
Noemi Ramos, Ánimo Watts

Watch Out for Covid-19!

Team Members:
Aiditi Velasco, Ánimo Ralph Bunche
Kimberlin Rivas, Ánimo Leadership
Ramiro Cervantes, Ánimo Leadership
Martha Paredes, Ánimo Jackie Robinson

Beware of Ms. Rona

Team Members:
Alexa Avelar, Ánimo Pat Brown
Anahi Chora Vega, Ánimo Ralph Bunche
Emily Alvarez, Oscar De La Hoya
Joanna Rodriguez, Ánimo South LA


Team Members:
Zharick Garcia, Ánimo Pat Brown
Mia Pedraza, Ánimo South LA
Stephanie Jaramillo, Ánimo Ralph Bunche
Juan Rosas, Ánimo Ralph Bunche

Coronavirus and its Protective Measures

Team Members:
Ashley Salmeron, Ánimo Jackie Robinson
Diana Dominguez, Ánimo Watts
Annette Molina, Ánimo Leadership

Inform to Save Lives

Team Members:
Janet Avila, Ánimo Leadership
Virginia Siqueiros, Oscar De La Hoya
Imani Chatman, Ánimo City of Champions

The Dot COVID Fighters

Team Members:
Elina Avelar, Ánimo Pat Brown
Jasmine Geron, Ánimo Leadership
Shey Martinez, Ánimo South LA

Stopping COVID-19

Team Members:
Dulce Martinez, Ánimo Leadership
Geraldine Hernandez, Ánimo Inglewood
Stephanie Baten, Ánimo Pat Brown
Jessica Lopez, Ánimo Ralph Bunche

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