Faces of Growth

Why Sarai Traveled Two Hours a Day for School

July 9, 2019
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Ánimo Pat Brown Charter High School (APB) alumna Sarai Flores is one of the many students whose academic trajectories have been dramatically changed since they arrived at a Green Dot school. “I was not a very good student; I felt like school wasn’t important, but my mindset changed when I came to APB. I went from failing all my classes to getting mostly As,” reflected Flores.



Why This Green Dot Alumnus Chose an HBCU

February 5, 2018
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Animo Watts alumnus Alyssa Nettle knew she wanted to act, and also had a deep-seeded value for education, which is why she decided to join the celebrated theatre program at Alabama State University, one of 101 Historically Black College and Universities across the country.

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Green Dot Alumnus ‘Never Thought About College’ Now Excelling at Georgetown

October 30, 2017
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Despite the rigorous college preparatory curriculum he experienced at AJR, Gomez couldn’t imagine himself in college, let alone fathom he’d be studying international politics at a top-flight school like Georgetown University.

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Just Keep Swimming: An Educator’s Letter to College Freshmen

August 21, 2017
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English teacher Catherine Stine shares words of encouragement with Green Dot alumni embarking on their first year of college.

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Back-to-School Advice From a Green Dot Alum

August 11, 2017
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Ánimo Leadership Alumna and Green Dot University Mentor Sandra Estrada offers her back-to-school advice to current Green Dot students.

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summer melt

Cooling the Melt: Helping Our Students Get to Day One of Freshmen Year at College

August 10, 2017
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A phenomena known as “summer melt” is a representation of the obstacles faced by many first year and first generation college students. This is why Green Dot’s educational model has built-in supports in the form of summer workshops, support groups, mentors, and outreach.

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