Students Say ‘Thank You’ to Staff and Educators

Green Dot, like these students in this video, thanks our staff and educators for all the work they do in preparing students for college, leadership, and life. We know that student growth involves much more than accessing rigorous curriculum, but also the development of grit and character.

In this video, we encounter students in different grade levels from three different cities across the Green Dot network. We debuted this video at our back-to-school kick-off events. The theme of the video, a thank you to educators and staff, is one we cannot underscore enough. It is a celebration of the special relationship between students and the caring adults in their schools, and the education of the whole student that happens as a result.

“In celebration of Labor Day, we wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for a strong start to the school year. Thank you for your dedication to the students we serve. Thank you for believing in the potential of each and every student” said Cristina de Jesus, President and CEO of Green Dot Public Schools California. We are grateful for the all of the educators and staff across the Green Dot network who continue to nurture the brilliance in every child.

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