The Dream is alive and well at Martin Luther King Middle School

By greendot | January 18, 2022

Just like Dr. Martin Luther King believed in his “I have a Dream” speech over a half a century ago, the Middle School in Beaumont, Texas that bears his name is striving to make things better for its students.MLK Middle School Principal Julia Rich is starting to climb that mountain and making strides step by…

Student seated at graduation ceremony

Imagine the Possibilities

By greendot | November 22, 2021

America is a nation of entrepreneurs and innovators; admired and often imitated. We have landed probes on Mars, designed the world’s most admired technology, and our film and music industries are powerful influencers of culture globally. With all our success, why then do we trail so far behind in providing an excellent public education for…

A Framework for College, Leadership, and Life

By greendot | November 2, 2021

When it comes to education, we know that a one size approach does not fit all. We’ve long understood that students are unique individuals with diverse abilities and needs, and in order to help students tap into their limitless potential, schools must be flexible, responsive, and primed to personalize the learning experiences of each student.

Students learning

Green Dot’s Values Align in Beaumont, TX

By greendot | October 4, 2021

Green Dot’s core values reflect the principles that direct the decisions we make. They are our pole star, our magnetic north.

Recognition of Service: Green Dot Celebrates National Principals Month

By greendot | October 1, 2021

This October we are joining thousands of educators across the nation in celebrating National Principals Month—a moment where we can reflect on the impact that principals have had on their schools and communities.

Green Dot Graduation

Transforming Public Education for School and Student Success

By greendot | September 8, 2021

This year, we take another step forward in transforming public education. Green Dot was invited to partner with the local school district in Beaumont, TX to improve educational opportunities and outcomes for the students of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School.

Green Dot Educators Share Excitement in Reopening this School Year

By greendot | August 17, 2021

As we eagerly await for our hallways to once again echo with the laughter of students, our educators have shared what they are most excited for this school year.