Supreme Court Ruling is a Victory for Students and Families

supreme court

Earlier today, the Washington State Supreme Court ruled that charter schools are constitutional, and upheld lower court rulings that affirmed the laws that govern and fund charter schools. Green Dot’s four schools in the Puget Sound region--Destiny Charter Middle School, Excel Public Charter School, and Rainier Valley Leadership Academy Middle and High Schools--will remain open, and our students and families will continue to receive the kind of high quality and responsive public education all students and communities deserve.

“We are proud the court has agreed with the will of Washington’s voters and legislature. Public charter schools are constitutional and here to stay as a complementary part of the fabric of our public education system, and we are proud of the work we’ve accomplished in partnership with our families and communities.” said Bree Dusseault, Executive Director of Green Dot Public Schools Washington.

“We are eager to continue working with our partners and families in Washington to ensure that every child receives the best quality education, regardless of zip code or background.” said Marco Petruzzi, CEO of Green Dot Public Schools National.

Today’s ruling makes clear the court affirms the State Charter Schools Commission is accountable to and appointed by elected officials, and represents public oversight. It provides exemplary and ample governance over nonprofit charter operators--the same kind of accountability that all public schools ought to encounter.

“Every school in the state should be held to the same review--a framework that promotes equity and opportunity for each student across the state” continued Petruzzi.

Charter schools like Green Dot’s serve students and families from a wide and diverse range of backgrounds and learning needs. “When we first came to Washington in 2014, it was with an explicit focus on chronically underserved communities” said Petruzzi.

“Our educational program that emphasizes deep and caring relationships, rigorous college preparatory learning, and individualized learning supports to put all students on track to college, leadership, and life” adds Dusseault. Green Dot’s schools serve more students with special needs than their home districts, more homeless students, and more students from lower-income backgrounds.

For many families in Washington, this ruling safeguards the educational choices they have made to enroll in charter schools like Green Dot’s. Many have attended rallies and been advocates for charters and for public education over the last several years. “The Supreme Court ruling upholds our families’ right to this free, public educational option while our schools are held to increased accountability and oversight measures to deliver on our mission,” concluded Dusseault.

We are grateful to our teams and our community members for their continued partnership as we help ensure that every child has a high quality public school in their neighborhood--this is our essential mission.

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