Cómo esta alumna logró saltarse los niveles de Matemáticas

Hace casi cuatro años, cuando Keiry Valle empezó a asistir a la Academia Preparatoria para la Universidad Alain LeRoy Locke, estuvo batallando académicamente. Durante su primer año, Valle necesitó apoyo complementario de matemáticas y cursos de aprendizaje del inglés.


Excel Students Flex Computational Thinking Skills at Their Annual CT Day

CT Day

Each year, students and teachers at Excel Public Charter School celebrate and demonstrate mastery in their computational thinking (CT) skills at CT Day—a full day devoted to concepts such as algorithmic thinking, pattern recognition and experimentation. At this year’s CT Day, students rotated around to various stations that challenge and hone their CT skills.


Why This Artist Knew She Belonged in the Classroom


During her time at Green Dot, Stephanie Lowe, Ánimo College Preparatory Academy art teacher, has helped establish two Advanced Placement (AP) art programs and exposed students to museums and landmarks across California, and even across the world in a trip to Europe!