UPAS seeks support from the community for Healthy Checkout Ordinance

United Parents and Students will open their advocacy year at Ánimo Jackie Robinson on February 4 when they will present the Green Dot Public School California parents with a healthy initiative that they hope will make it all the way into an ordinance in Los Angeles County. Healthy Checkout and Keep the Soda in the…


UPAS graduates new leaders as part of the YOI program

The Youth Organizing Institute (YOI) of United Parents and Students graduated 14 students this past Summer in California and Tennessee as part of their program to empower them as leaders of their communities. The YOI program has been active for the past six years, and the 2022 graduation ceremony was the first in-person since the…


Students and Families Unite to Address Food Instability


Earlier this year United Parents and Students (UPAS) in partnership with One Family Los Angeles, launched a grocery voucher campaign to get money and resources into the hands of families in vulnerable communities with limited access to food. Through these efforts over $30,000 in grocery vouchers have been distributed to families in need. Read More…


College Readiness is a Family Affair


When my oldest son came to this school he was struggling academically and was very timid, but the teachers helped him grow several grade levels and boosted his self esteem and confidence.”