Thank A Teacher (teacher appreciation)

At Green Dot, teachers are at the heart of our mission to help transform public education. In the face of countless challenges, our teachers’ love, dedication, and resilience remains unwavering. As we adapted to distance and hybrid learning, teachers swiftly adopted innovative practices and reinvented learning environments to meet students where they are in new and engaging ways. 

This month, we invite you to join us in recognizing the commitment, care, and tenacity that our teachers across the network demonstrate each day. At Green Dot, our teachers encourage students to push beyond their limits, and they remind us all that each of us can reach our full potential, and achieve our wildest dreams

Green Dot teachers are helping shape the trajectory of over 13,000+ students in Los Angeles and Memphis through deep commitment, reflective practices, highly-effective teaching, and tailored instruction.

Now more than ever, we are grateful for the resilience, passion, and commitment our teachers have shared with our students, families, and communities.