Teaching to Lead

Public school teachers play a profound and irreplaceable role in the lives of students.

As mentors and role models, specialists and scholars, they inspire young people to reach for their best selves, help them to cultivate a lifelong love of learning, and guide their transition to adulthood with rigor and respect. And they do it every day.

Green Dot’s teachers provide the spark for everything we do. We think teachers work best in a collaborative setting, and that great teachers should be encouraged to share their craft with one another. And we believe that teachers in search of new professional challenges should be able to find them, and succeed, without severing their connection to the classroom.

The accompanying video shows what Green Dot is doing to engage teachers in a wide range of leadership roles. In future posts, we’ll be highlighting specific ways our teachers are branching out, building meaningful professional development pathways, and supporting student growth.

Not satisfied with “good enough,” we’re stretching ourselves to make high-quality public education a reality for the nation’s most underserved students.


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