The Daily Breeze — The 2nd North High Special Olympics event brings all students together for competition

April 20, 2018-Photo by Tracey Roman/for the Press-Telegram Sergio Mendoza gets a high five as he comes in first in his heat as he competes at the North High Special Olympics Event Friday afternoon.

Krissy Duperron came up with the idea last year, and the first North High Special Olympics were created.

“I felt that it was important that we showed inclusion on our campus,” said Duperron, a teacher at North High. “We have so many different cultures and people from different backgrounds that it is one of our strengths, so I just wanted to make sure that everyone was included in everything that we did.”

On Friday, the second edition took place at North, with athletes from North, Peninsula and Locke High [Alain LeRoy Locke College Preparatory Academy] in Los Angeles participating.

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