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Get to know three Green Dot graduates who have graduated from college and are continuing to rise. 

Education Opens Doors.

Over the past 20 years, Green Dot has helped keep the doors of opportunity open by sending nearly 12,000 of our graduates on to college. Help make sure we can continue to set and raise the bar for public education.

Donate today and help us continue our work in Los Angeles and Memphis to ensure ALL children graduate high school ready for college, leadership, and life.

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This #GivingTuesday help @greendotschools transform public education so that ALL children graduate high school ready for college, leadership and life. #EducationOpensDoors

@greendotschools is on a mission to help transform public education so ALL students graduate prepared for college, leadership, and life. Get involved because  #EducationOpensDoors for our youth.

Over 16,000 Green Dot graduates, the majority from low-income communities, have gone onto college. Support #EducationOpensDoors and bright futures for thousands of @greendotschools’ students. Donate now.

I support excellent public education designed to serve ALL students, regardless of background. Will you join me and support @greendotschools this #GivingTuesday.

Green Dot graduates remind us that social mobility is possible through quality, public education. Your generosity towards @greendotschools is vital as they work to support students on their road to college. Please consider giving today. #EducationOpensDoors

@greendotschools operates high-performing, public schools in the highest need communities and neighborhoods nationwide. Will you help ensure that all students have the opportunity to go to college? #EducationOpensDoors

This #Giving Tuesday, Be the Difference. Support @greendotschools and help us open the doors to future success for ALL students.  #EducationOpensDoors

@greendotschools knows that a college degree is crucial to break the cycle of poverty and make our country a more equitable place for all. Our support can help put students on the path to college. Join me by donating today. #EducationOpensDoors

Each student, no matter their background or zip code deserves an opportunity to succeed. You are a vital partner in supporting their public education and ensuring a future filled with opportunity.  Support @greendotschools because #EducationOpensDoors

Make a difference this #GivingTuesday in a young person’s life. Support @greendotschools in transforming public education so that ALL children can graduate high school ready for college, leadership and life. #EducationOpensDoors

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Make a positive difference in a young person’s life by supporting public education this #GivingTuesday. #EducationOpensDoors @greendotschools

Do you believe in the potential of ALL students? I do! Join me on #GivingTuesday and support @greendotschools #EducationOpensDoors

These Green Dot graduates prove #EducationOpensDoors.  Your involvement can help the bright futures for over 14,000 @greendotschools students like them.

During this holiday season, support @greendotschools. Give students the support they need as they make their way to college. #EducationOpensDoors

Students succeed when our communities support them. We know #EducationOpensDoors Support @greendotschools this #GivingTuesday

Green Dot’s model of public education is designed to help ALL students succeed. Join me this #GivingTuesday and support @greendotschools. #EducationOpensDoors.

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