When Times Are Tough, Give Thanks

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Late last week, the Washington Supreme Court denied the motion for reconsideration on their prior, despite recommendations by the current and former Washington attorney generals. The decision came just hours after a day of action in Olympia, where students and parents urged legislators to fix funding gaps in the public charter law to secure the future of options in Washington’s public education system.

The announcement did little to derail the impassioned community of Destiny Middle School who work tirelessly to provide a quality education every minute of every day to EVERY student.

Day of Action WA

A Reason to Celebrate

In the midst of uncertainty, over 100 Destiny Middle School families gathered to celebrate its roots and its appreciation for our learning community at the International Thanksgiving Celebration. The event symbolized unity and strength during a time when the community was faced with adversity.

Hosted on campus, the occasion was joyous and charged with laughter, food, and recognition of what we have created in just two short months. Attendees cut loose on the dance floor and expressed their gratitude in handwritten notes and letters to the school. The sense of community and appreciation resonated with everyone in attendance.

Give thanks
Destiny Middle School

The Green Dot Public Schools Washington family endures because we truly believe in quality, public schools for all families. One Destiny Middle School family struggled to find a safe public school for their eldest, autistic son. For years, he was bullied relentlessly at the district schools near their home. After months of searching, he was finally placed at a school an hour’s drive away. When it came time for their younger daughter, Isadora, to start middle school, they wanted options. Jessica Garcia, Isadora’s mother, says,

Our family still carries the emotional and physicals scars from what our son went through. Honestly, this is the first time I haven’t been full of anxiety when my child goes to school for the day. I feel hopeful for her school experience and that she will be safe and have a quality education I know she deserves. You can’t take away our hope.

We stand by the incredible student achievements, the innovative and effective instruction, and the unmatched levels of family engagement we’ve witnessed in the past few months. Our community of leaders, scholars, educators and learners, continue to believe in Destiny Middle School every day knowing that the best is yet to come.

This is the Green Dot Public Schools Washington family.

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