Wooddale MS, Fairley HS students shine in iReady testing in Memphis

Wooddale classroom

Students in Wooddale Middle School and Fairley High School in Memphis reflected significant growth in Math and Reading levels in the Spring iReady testing of the Green Dot schools.

“These results are extremely exciting, and they add to what has been a great year for our schools in Memphis,” said Jocquell Rodgers, executive director of Green Dot Tennessee. “This means that students are meeting their goals and are on track to catch up with their peers on both Reading and Math levels.”

Wooddale showed the most improvement, as the number of students who were on or above grade level went from 3 percent at the beginning of the 2021-22 school year up 7X to 21 percent. The middle school also saw the highest growth in Math, with 69% of students meeting typical growth, and students achieving 211% of typical growth on average. In sixth grade, the lowest tier went down from 45 percent to 13 percent. 

“That trend holds true for Wooddale on sixth, seventh and eighth grade. Wooddale data is by far the strongest example of not only moving up students up, but also catching up students who were behind to get closer to the grade level,” said Jaime Hudgins, Green Dot’s managing director of academic growth.

Fairley High, on the other hand, saw the highest growth in Reading, with 68% of students meeting typical growth, and students achieving 259% of typical growth on average. In Math, 57 percent of students achieved their typical growth.

iReady assessments in English and Math are administered three times a year to students as a diagnostics tool. Assessments help instructors design lessons to suit the student’s needs and to determine how to best support their learning. iReady is designed to complement what is taught in the classrooms. Typical yearly student progress is 100%.

During the mid-year iReady testing, both schools had met and surpassed both typical and stretch goals. Wooddale had a 245% typical growth in Reading and 173% in Math, while stretch goals in English came in at 104% and 74% in Math.

At Fairley High school, 334% of the typical goals in English were met, an achievement that included 73% of the students taking the test. They also had a 171% typical growth in Math, with 52% of students achieving that goal.

Since the 2018-2019 school year, the percentage of all students in GDPST meeting their Typical Growth Goal has increased, reaching 59% in Reading and 54% in Math.