Celebrating The Heart of Education, Teachers

October 5, 2022

Every year on October 5, communities across the globe celebrate World Teacher Day. At Green Dot Public Schools California, we celebrate our teachers all year long as they are at the heart of education. The enduring encouragement, dedication, creativity, inclusivity, of our teachers are what change our students’ lives. We thank all teachers for all that they do! 


High School Senior Reflects on Capitol Insurrection, Nation’s Future

March 3, 2021

Like so many of us, I viewed the events at the capitol as a threat to our democracy, an institution for which many of our ancestors have sacrificed their lives to create.


Why Can’t We Read Things Like This for Class?

September 8, 2020

When I wrote my own book, Strange Days, I was thinking a lot about this. I wanted it to be fun and accessible, but I also wanted it to be a useful teaching tool.


La Prensa Latina: How Green Dot Is Helping Transform Public Education In Tennessee

June 22, 2020

Green Dot Public Schools Tennessee speaks with La Prensa Latina Media about closing the digital divide and supporting Memphis students pave a path to success


Graduation 2020: A resilient generation

June 11, 2020

“I didn’t just want to write a speech that was for me. I wanted to write a speech that embodied us, the class of 2020.”


Graduation 2020: Senior reflects on sacrifices

June 9, 2020

“You showed us that these sacrifices were not about what was being lost but rather what was being gained.”


An Element of Surprise: My 36 Years in the Classroom

January 22, 2020

Growing up in a small provincial town in the Philippines, Marinela Cortez never imagined that an interest in the periodic table would lead to a degree in chemistry and a teaching career that has spanned 36 years.


Guided by a Belief in the Potential of All Students

October 24, 2019

Over 15 years ago, a desire to see all children succeed inspired Lajuan Sylvester to leave her role as an operations manager in the private sector and pursue a career in public education.

Mental Health

The Case for Supporting the Mental Health of Your Students

October 8, 2019

This Mental Illness Awareness Week, Janneth Johnson discusses why all students should have access to mental health support structures.


A New Era for California Charter Schools

October 4, 2019

Today marks a new era for California charter public schools. Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB 1505 into law—a historic agreement that affirms high-quality charter schools are here to stay and that charter schools are a critical lever in ensuring quality school options for all families across the state.


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