I Am Black History: Why and How We Must Contribute to the Pages of All Our Students’ Stories

February 6, 2019

As I think about Black History Month, I remember a drawing of this little brown lady with long, black hair. It was hand drawn by one of my students and it read: “The first day I walked into this [room], I saw a young brown skinned woman. I knew right away I was going to like this class.”


Green Dot Joins Thousands of Parents to Rally Ahead of Charter Moratorium

January 30, 2019

Yesterday hundreds of parents and students from Green Dot Public Schools joined thousands more from across the city to demand that Los Angeles Unified School District board members vote “no” on a resolution to call for a statewide moratorium on authorizing new charter schools.

Fairley parent

Why This Parent Chose Fairley

January 29, 2019

“The summer before my daughter’s freshman year, we didn’t have a high school picked out,” said this Fairley parent. Learn why she and her daughter eventually chose Fairley!


Daily News: Capping charter schools in LAUSD will hurt students and families

January 27, 2019

With the Los Angeles Unified School District teachers union strike now over, it’s easy to understand why a combination of relief and celebration permeates most corners of the nation’s second-largest school system. Having students and teachers out of the classroom, for a single day, let alone six, benefits no one.


Seattle Times: For Teacher Diversity, Look to Alternative Schools

January 25, 2019

As a former teacher, principal and leader of color at Green Dot Public Schools, I know that my colleagues look for schools where we have the freedom to innovate and serve our students most effectively, while accessing the structure and supports that reflect our community’s needs.

Locke Student

‘Not My Parents’ Locke’: Reflections from a Current Locke Student

October 9, 2018

I’ve heard people say, “Locke is a school meant for delinquents who will never amount to anything.” This statement couldn’t be further from the truth.


SBAC Results Show Green Dot Schools Achieve Breakthrough in Student Growth

October 5, 2018

Green Dot students in South LA students are achieving some of the best academic growth in the state, according to state test and academic growth models from CORE, a network of the 9 largest school districts across California.

learning curve

Announcing The Learning Curve: News and Views from Green Dot Leaders

October 4, 2018

Green Dot Public Schools is excited to announce The Learning Curve, a platform for sharing reflections and leading ideas on public education from Green Dot leaders.


Tech-Based Teaching — Computational Conversations with Eli Sheldon

September 25, 2018

Tech-Based Teaching, a blog about ed tech, features an interview with Eli Sheldon, current tech teacher at Rainier Valley Leadership Academy High School.

Marco Petruzzi

Green Dot Public Schools CEO to Step Down after 12 Years

September 13, 2018

After 12 years of service, Green Dot Public Schools National Chief Executive Officer Marco Petruzzi says farewell and reflects on his journey with the organization.


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