Faces of Growth

Why Sarai Traveled Two Hours a Day for School

July 9, 2019
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Ánimo Pat Brown Charter High School (APB) alumna Sarai Flores is one of the many students whose academic trajectories have been dramatically changed since they arrived at a Green Dot school. “I was not a very good student; I felt like school wasn’t important, but my mindset changed when I came to APB. I went from failing all my classes to getting mostly As,” reflected Flores.

Angelina Mendez

How This First Year Teacher Thrived Amid Uncertainty

July 19, 2021

“I realized that the people who were there for me either in college or high school, were a lot of my teachers. When I think about the people who have influenced me it was my teachers,” said Mendez.

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Growth Mindset: An Important Component of Student Success

December 8, 2020

Vincent Huynh’s math classes may look different than they did last fall, but one thing remains the same: his commitment to developing growth mindsets and nurturing students’ inherent capacity to learn.

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Why Can’t We Read Things Like This for Class?

September 8, 2020
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When I wrote my own book, Strange Days, I was thinking a lot about this. I wanted it to be fun and accessible, but I also wanted it to be a useful teaching tool.

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Carmen leiva

The Power of “Yet” — Rising to the Challenge Amid a Global Pandemic

August 7, 2020

Carmen Leiva, a math teacher at Ánimo Watts College Preparatory Academy, loves watching students in her classroom experience “light bulb moments” of realization. In these instances she’d see a spark in their eyes when they’d see their hard work come to fruition.

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college counseling

Why This Alumna Became a Counselor at Her Alma Mater

September 10, 2019
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“When I became a counselor many of my friends and even family members would ask me, ‘Do you have a couch where you ask students how they’re doing while you scribble notes in a notepad?’” chuckled Stacie Cruz, a counselor at Ánimo Leadership Charter High School.

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