Does Teacher Culture Matter? A View Inside Green Dot’s Approach

Teacher Culture

At Green Dot Public Schools, having the right teachers in our classrooms is among the most important challenges we face. It’s essential to students that we get it right – and we can’t do that without your help. You know how much Green Dot invests in educators to help them invest in students. You know the kind of support and collaboration that are hallmarks of working at a Green Dot school. In fact, you know the kinds of educators who would thrive in this kind of working environment; and, we hope you can encourage them to consider joining our team.

“Great teachers are rare and priceless,” says Adriana Arteaga, Green Dot’s Human Capital Manager. “The impact excellent teachers have on students’ life trajectories is profound. If effective teaching has the potential to level the playing field for students, we must find great teachers who possess the competencies that will make them successful at our schools, teaching students who need the most.”

To find those great teachers, Green Dot has set up a rigorous hiring process to identify candidates with the right combination of qualities, drive and dedication to their students’ success.

Supporting the Best Educators through Teams

My experience teaching in the classroom will always remain as one of the best experiences I’ve had,” Drew Otto, a curriculum specialist, says.

“I was surrounded by an intelligent staff who cared for and believed in our students’ potential. I learned so much about life and improved my instructional practice through professional development and even by talking with fellow teachers in the lounge.”

In addition to working in teams and collaborating to build lesson plans and set professional development goals; educators at Green Dot know that the growth mindset is among those organizational values that lets them put students first.

Teacher Culture

“Our teachers share an unwavering belief in the learning potential of all students and they devote themselves to helping students grow,” Arteaga adds.

“They understand that part of reaching students is constantly reflecting on their practice and focusing on developing goals for themselves and students. Our teachers are deeply committed to the success of their students; they understand that in order to nurture a student’s critical thinking and behavior, they must first get to the root of student’s concerns, motives, and feelings.”

“The high expectations Green Dotters have for themselves are evident as early as the hiring process,” Arteaga says. “We know that people make all the difference, so we want educators who share our values of perseverance, determination, and excellence to know it from day one.”


Growing Teacher Culture and Voice at Green Dot

Recruiting teachers is one thing, but helping them grow professionally is quite another. In fact, the most important aspect of professional development is creating the right environment to foster teachers’ creativity in order to ensure student potential.

“Much of what teachers will say about why Green Dot is a good place to work has to do with a feeling of family at their school,” explains Kelly Hurley, Chief Talent Officer. 

“It is about the team of colleagues they work with on a daily basis. It is about their school leader who has developed a staff culture that makes them feel appreciated, successful and supported.”

Teacher Culture

Putting educators and teacher voices at the center of our academic and school model makes Green Dot’s growth culture even more valuable—investing in teachers is the first step to investing in students. And, as Arteaga notes: “While Green Dot offers a highly competitive salary, generous benefits, high quality professional development and a system of supports designed to meet the various needs of teachers, what makes it special here is how we support educators to grow alongside the people they work with.”

In other words, it turns out the right teachers play a huge role in not just their students’ lives, but in each others’ too. Green Dot is looking for a few great educators; we hope you can encourage them to consider joining our team by telling them what makes Green Dot special: growth mindset, support and collaborative culture, and an academic model that ensures student achievements, regardless of background. Do you know someone who is right for Green Dot?

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