College Bound: City of Champions Students Celebrate College Acceptances, Preparedness

March 16, 2021

Two Ánimo City of Champions students reflect on their high school experience and share how their school set them up for college success.


How We Prioritize Achievement and Equity for African American Students in L.A.

February 10, 2021

Our L.A. Schools have developed key programs that give our African American students a voice, community, and platform across our campuses.


Academic Interventions Create Success for Students

January 26, 2021

Through interventionist strategies such as “double blocking,” our schools have achieved exponential academic growth and narrowed critical skill gaps in core subjects, including reading and writing.


Over 60 Live Clubs: Virtual Expanded Learning Serves Students via Distance Learning

January 19, 2021

We transitioned our safe, engaging, and student-centered Expanded Learning program online. This is what it looks like now.


This AP Government Class Takes Learning Outside of the Classroom

June 15, 2020

At Ánimo Pat Brown Charter High School, students don’t learn about government, they act on it. This past March, the the Chief Justice of California Courts and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction honored the high-performing high school with a Civic Learning Award for the second year in a row. This award recognizes schools’ efforts to engage students in civic learning.


Helping Students See a Clear Vision For The Future

March 26, 2020

In the United States, an overwhelming number of students need glasses, but lack adequate access to vision care. To confront this unaddressed barrier to student learning, last year over 300 Green Dot students received free comprehensive eye examinations and eyeglasses. This year, we are well on our way to exceeding that number.


Grindhouse Boxing Provides Socioemotional Lessons for Students at Fairley

April 11, 2019

“I joined the program to help me get control of myself and my anger,” reflected Javeries Suggs, a freshman at Fairley. “It has helped me become a nicer and calmer person. It has also helped me keep myself on track and stay more focused.”


Creating Middle School Pathways to STEM Careers

April 9, 2019

People of color are grossly underrepresented in STEM careers. That’s why at Green Dot, we begin preparing our students in middle school, many of which have added 21st Century Learning Lab courses that utilize curriculum from Project Lead the Way.


FOX13 — Kirby Middle offers “reflection room” as alternative to detention

March 29, 2019

Kirby Middle School’s reflection room offers students a space to resolve conflict and process emotions.


These Middle Schoolers are Un-BEE-lievable! Green Dot Hosts First Spelling Bee

February 25, 2019

This month students, families, and staff from all of Green Dot’s middle schools in California eagerly gathered in the Mark Taper Auditorium at the Los Angeles Central Public Library for Green Dot’s first network spelling bee.


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