School Psychologists Lower Barriers to Learning for Student Success


According to the National Association of School Psychologists, on average, four out of five students are not getting the mental health support they need. At Green Dot Public Schools California, we invested in a team of school psychologists who are making safe spaces for our students to receive crisis management, social-emotional counseling sessions, special education counseling, and more during school hours. 

Filling in the Gaps

Ánimo Mae Jemison Charter Middle School psychologist Jimesa Coxsey appreciates Green Dot CA’s model of providing one full-time psychologist per school, which allows her to build meaningful relationships with families and students.

"We primarily have a caseload of special education students with social, emotional, or mental health needs,” Coxsey said. “However, we also do short term mental health check-ins or counseling with our general education students." Counselors also work with other mental health professionals, such as counselors and mental health therapists, to help coordinate mental health prevention opportunities. 

Ánimo Mae Jemison has implemented QR codes to provide quick mental health services to its students. "Students can self-request a check-in with a mental health team. We  also have QR codes around campus that they can scan on their phone and request to speak to our team,” Coxsey said.

School psychologist Justin Mostoles, from Ánimo Inglewood Charter High School, noted that his students are taking advantage of mental health services at Green Dot CA. 

"Students will come in and walk down, sometimes a little hesitant, but they'll advocate for themselves, " Mostoles said. "What I see happen is that students who have received some support in the past will tell their friends, 'Hey, I know someone you can talk to,' and they'll refer their friends." 

Ánimo City of Champions Charter High School’ psychologist Davone Christine Brice hosts activities such as Talkspace Tuesdays and a mental health girl group to create safe spaces for expression on campus. 

"Talkspace Tuesdays brings presentations on mental health, self-awareness, and exploration just so they can better understand," Brice said. " We provide a mental health girls group, for girls who need extra support understanding the community, their role as black and brown students, and navigating mental health while making childhood connections." 

At Green Dot Public Schools CA we believe in supporting the whole child by investing in mental health service professional students to help all students navigate social-emotional obstacles. By caring for the whole child, we will continue to lead the frontier in preparing all students for success in college, leadership, and life.