Happy Education Support Professionals Week!

Education Support Professionals

This week is Education Support Professionals Week in California. Green Dot Public Schools would like to thank our campus security officers, parent coordinators, office assistants, school operations managers and instructional aides for the amazing work they do for our students. Their actions teach our students lifelong skills, model leadership and inspire growth; they are a critical part of putting every student on the path to college, leadership, and life.

Here’s what some of Green Dot’s school leaders across the network have to say about their amazing educational support professionals:

  • “Though her primary role is to support our students and assist the various teachers she works with, she is so much more to us. She’s a thought partner when teachers need to think differently about how to motivate or academically challenge a student.

Education Support Professional

  • He has the gift of seeing the beauty in all of our students. He sees beyond their faults and celebrates their virtues. He never ceases an opportunity to inspire our students to see a future that they think cannot be obtained.”


  • “He has become one of the greatest assets that our school has in his role as our campus security officer. In his short time at our school, his dedication to our students, staff, and parents and drive to reflect and grow have made our site a better place to work.”
  • “On any campus there are numerous tasks and duties that need to be accomplished in order for our students to have a safe and respectful learning environment. When your campus is non-traditional, separated from the rest of your school, and has other office and administrative staff members that are new to the organization, there is only one way to accomplish these tasks: teamwork.”
  • She has thrown the doors of the school wide open, increasing parent involvement and participation in the school community. Working with student leaders this fall, she established a new tradition: a toy drive benefiting the local elementary school.”


  • “We talk about the importance of having the right people in the building, and she is proof of how one person can truly shape the school experience for a child. The list of what makes her amazing is extensive: she is humble, smart, has a great relationship with students, a positive attitude, and great work ethic.”

Education Support Professional

  • “He works with such talent in this extremely challenging position, that it often goes unnoticed, almost natural. He simply gets it done. What more can we ask for in a school where every minute is filled with requests, challenges and gaps that need to be filled? He is a doer, but what’s more, he does his job with humor and love.”

Education Support Professional

  • “One has difficulty finding the words in the English language to adequately convey the singular impact that she has had on our school as a community institution. For over a decade, her skills have developed into the exemplar School Operations Manager model (a title she embodied before it was even outlined on paper) – she is indispensable in ensuring that the needs of teachers, classified, leadership, parents, and students are met with expert knowledge, style, and grace.”
  • “An ever-present smile and a laugh that fills the room, it is hard to imagine our school without her determined focus and understanding nature.”


  • “There isn’t a student on campus who can’t give an example of how he has had an unwavering belief in them: now, in high school, and beyond. Eighth grader Jason says it this way: “He motivates me. He doesn’t give up on us even if we did something wrong, he always tells us we got keep going, we got to keep trying.”

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